Nasmat Turathye

Nasmat Turathye


A band compined of three players and one singer, perform a professionally old music show about the Palestinian folklore. Their songs talking about Palestine's heritage by carrying the message of backing home. Their songs display the simplicity life of the Palestinian people and their stories, the old homes, the spring waters, the mountain, the levants, Arab traditions and more.

The players are a music teachers in schools in Nazareth, teaching the traditional folkloric music, they studied together in "Jerusalem Music Academy". 

Their goal was to educate school students about the traditional Arab songs. They joind the project of the Ministry of Education and conducted workshops about their heritage and popular national music.

"Nasmat Turathiye" performanced a shows all over the world.


The meaning of "Nasmat Turathye"


The breezes of Palestinian heritage


Local festivals that have been out of their participation:

Chrismas Market Festival, Nazareth –international  2012

Chrismas Market Festival, Nazareth – international  2013

The graduation ceremony for students of the School of Nursing in-2012

"Eshtiyaq Festival" of the beautiful past in the Abu Ghosh in-2013

Festival at the Cultural Palace in the month of Zimmer-April 2013

Festival in Albert Association for Cultural Development in Arara- may in 2013

Festival in the International Center of Mahmoud Darwish- 2012

Festival in the International Center of Mahmoud Darwish - 2013

Eben Amer Event - 2013

Festival in Jaffa-Tel Aviv in-2013

Christmas Market international festival, Nazareth- 2014

Yilan international children's folklore and Folkgame festival in Taiwan -2014


For videos of the show :  -      Taiwan festival